Terzetto Homes

A single point of contact for design, build, product selection and construction.

As a full-service design-build remodel company, we provide a seamless single portal for your entire home remodel. Focused on one project at a time, our creative solution-based designers, expert builders, and tradespeople will bring your home remodel project to fruition as quickly and efficiently as possible. We provide a wide array of kitchen remodel and bathroom remodel fixtures, as well as home furnishings in the design and build industry of Ottawa and Vancouver.

A Terzetto

A Terzetto is a harmonious trio, and at Terzetto Homes, we bring together the three essential ‘voices’ for your home remodel project — interior designer, builder, and you, the homeowner. Our harmonious approach ensures a seamless renovation experience, whether you're updating a kitchen, remodeling a bathroom, or undertaking a whole-home remodel.

What makes us different?

Our people.

design and build in Ottawa

Vivian Wu and Yishi Pan

Owners and Founders

As creative entrepreneurs, we are passionate about fresh, sophisticated, and functional home design. We blend our strengths together, combining Vivian’s design expertise and Yishi’s operational innovation, to bring you a turnkey solution for home remodeling, design, and build in Ottawa and Vancouver.

We believe good design is like solving a puzzle — a very stylish puzzle that is! That is our guiding principle for Terzetto design projects and products. Avid travelers, we source products and solutions from around the world to bring the very best to Ottawa and Vancouver.

To us, family is everything! Our immediate and extended family are an integral part of our daily lives. We understand the importance of a home that functions well for your family and will help you live your very best life together!

best builder in ottawa
'Your satisfaction, my pursuit. I give the best solutions for your project.'
Yiwei Sun
Project Manager - Vancouver Branch

I am a manager who is good at logic and organization. I provide efficient and high-quality project management, professionally solve various problems for the team and clients, and will try my best to help clients create their perfect home. I am also an expert in Feng Shui, which will add extra professional guarantee as well as the exclusive service for clients in need!

Terzetto Homes Warehouse and Logistics Manager
'I am always willing to go the extra mile.'
Rodney Cray
Warehouse & Logistics Manager

 It's easy to come to work everyday with our great team and customers. I dedicate my years of experience and passion towards a goal-oriented quality work for the company. As one of the most experienced in the design and build industry, my service is the best of quality in Ottawa!

Terzetto Homes Administrative Assistant
‘I am dedicated to providing knowledge and assistance in the workplace.’
Roniel Jiggy Malañgen
Administrative Assistant

I provide day-to-day services to the stakeholders of the company. I work closely with the team members in arriving at key decision points. From documenting, planning, and responding to requests – I always strive for success as an administrative member. With years of experience doing administrative and financial tasks, I utilize my skillsets to help the company grow. I am proud to say that I belong to the best construction, design, and build company in Ottawa!

Terzetto Homes Supply Chain Manager
'Vouloir, C'est Pouvoir. I bring higher quality products to everyone.'
Sicen Guo
Supply Chain Officer

I analyze current inventories, maintain the required quantity of supplies to optimize projects, and increase the efficiency of the supply chain. I also monitor the performance of suppliers by assessing their ability to meet quality and delivery requirements. More than that, I coordinate product line extension, or new product launch to ensure timely and orderly products to bring high quality service to our clients in the design and build industry.

Terzetto Homes Interior Designer
‘I love to help my clients build their dreams into reality.’
Abby Wang
Interior Designer

Beauty lies in details! As an innovative and one of the best Interior Designers with years of experience creating unique designs, I am adept at collaborating with our clients and other team professionals to achieve high goals and deadlines. I am into bringing forth comfortable and fashionable indoor effects. I find ways to help clients in the design and build industry through my creativity and ideas.