Exciting Design Collaboration with Terzetto Homes

We are thrilled to announce that Christina Co will be collaborating with Terzetto Homes on upcoming design projects. This partnership brings together two powerhouses in the design and construction industry, ensuring that clients receive the ultimate experience in creating their dream homes. Stay tuned for more details and insights from this dynamic duo in future blog posts.


Design collaboration


A Visual Storyteller and Lifestyle Coach

Christina Co’s unique approach to design sets her apart, as she views herself as a visual storyteller, a lifestyle coach, and an interior designer. Her purpose is to create spaces that foster deeper connections, awaken creativity, and inspire personal growth.

To achieve this, Christina takes the time to understand her clients’ needs and desires, as well as their personalities and lifestyles. She believes that a space should reflect the people who inhabit it, and that design should be tailored to the individual. This approach ensures that each project is unique and personalized.

In addition to her work, Christina offers lifestyle coaching to her clients. She believes that the spaces we inhabit have a profound impact on our lives, and that by creating environments that support our goals and aspirations, we can live more fulfilling lives.

Overall, Christina Co’s approach is holistic and focused on creating spaces that go beyond aesthetics, to support personal growth and wellbeing.




Design Transformative Spaces

The design process begins with understanding the client’s needs, wants, and aspirations. Next, a concept board is created to visualize the overall design direction, followed by refining the conceptual look and producing detailed drawings and specifications. Collaboration with other professionals ensures seamless integration of all important aspects. Finally, project managers work closely with contractors to execute as intended, while maintaining open communication with clients throughout the process.

Want to learn more? Stay tuned or contact us for more information.